Mollie Ahlstrand

Chef Mollie has been featured on the Oprah’s Show and in “O” magazine. National Geographic Passport to the Best has recognized Trattoria Mollie as one of the “Ten Best Destination & Special Restaurants in the World

Simple classic Italian cuisine.

My approach to cooking is similar to my approach to life. Keep it simple, eat only fresh foods…

Chef Mollie been a guest chef for Grand Hyatt Hotels two times in Hong Kong and once in Dubai, UAE. And in West Palm Beach, Florida at the 2007 Internal Polo Convention.

In 2008 she had been invited as guest chef and cooking instructor on the cruise ship Silversea on the Mediterranean. She was born and raised in Mekele a small town in northern Ethiopia. Italian cultural influence is in evidence in most of her homeland because of the extended attempts for occupation and in migration of Italians. Her father spoke Italian because he worked with them when he was young. It isn’t all that unusual for an Ethiopian with an interest in things Italian to seek a career in Italian cuisine. She trained with the well known chef Gianfranco Vissani whose restaurant in Braschi has the highest rating in La Guide De l’Espresso the Italian Michelin style guide. In Roma she trained at Arturo’s restaurant on the Aurelia Antica, near the Vatican Colleges. Her pasta education comes from my intensive training in Bologna with Chef Roberta, she also trained in Padova where she learned to prepare the Ciabatta bread that was first developed there over 100 years ago, and she bakes fresh everyday for her diners.

Mollie Ahlstrand is an exceptional Italian chef in Santa Barbara. Known for her culinary expertise and passion for Italian cuisine, Mollie has become a prominent figure in the local gastronomic scene. Her journey in the culinary world began at a young age, inspired by the rich flavors and traditions of Italy. After honing her skills in various Michelin-starred restaurants across Italy, she returned to her hometown to share her culinary creations with the Santa Barbara community. Mollie's dishes are a perfect blend of authenticity and incorporating fresh local ingredients with traditional Italian techniques. Her attention to detail and dedication to using the finest ingredients make every bite a delightful experience. Whether it's handmade pasta, mouthwatering risotto, or tantalizing desserts, Mollie Ahlstrand's creations are sure to transport you to the heart of Italy.